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In this section you will find regular blog posts written and published by members of the project team. The Creative Fuse North East team includes over 80 academic experts and industry specialists and they use blogging to share thinking, concepts and emerging innovation concepts being developed by the project.

What is a Superfused Business?

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Creative Digital IT businesses are working in new ways, forming connections and relationships that are producing extraordinary economic growth.

Digital marketing agencies, content developers for apps, games and video and web service providers are all combining talents from different skillsets- including the computing and technology skills we know are important,

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Creativity: the future of the UK economy

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We are all creative, it’s in our make-up, whether you can sit down at a piano and compose a hit single, make up a story to entertain your grandchildren, introduce a new way to ensure the office tea run is a success or just write a compelling email to secure an extra few days against a deadline… creativity is in all of us.

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