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The team which led on the first phase of the Creative Fuse Project.

Heather Robson

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Working in partnership, collaborating and engaging in the Region is at the heart of my work and central to teaching learning and research making a real difference to people, enterprises and communities.

Connecting the right people for the right reasons will deliver the right outcomes every time. This is particularly true during challenging times,

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Fiona Whitehurst

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Fiona was involved in the mapping exercise that led to the Creative Fuse Initial Report and is now running the Creative Connections business development strand with Paul Richter, Mo O’Toole and Anna-Maria Steel.

She has been involved in the project since it was first proposed that the five North East Universities draw on the findings and approaches of Brighton Fuse,

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Ewan Mackenzie

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Presently I am a Research Associate on phase of the project which aims to understand the nature of the creative, digital, and IT sectors in the North East of England.

My background is in the sociology of work and employment, particularly with respect to the ethics of work and organization in local government and public sectors.

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Paul Vallance

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I’m interested in the use of design and other creative practices across a broad range of economic activities, both inside and outside the CDIT sector.

Creative labour that is embedded in ‘non-creative’ industries, and therefore often based outside the geographical environments seen as hubs of the creative economy,

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Nick Holliman

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Nick Holliman is Professor of Visualization at Newcastle University, he researches the science and engineering of interactive media including the fundamental challenges of stereoscopic 3D visualization.

This includes working with psychologists to understand how the human visual system processes binocular information, developing novel computational algorithms for the control of binocular image disparity and demonstrating how these algorithms work in practice in software tools and award winning 3D visualizations.

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Alan McKinlay

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I’ve done a lot of research into changes in the television industry; and advertising.

Fusion is a great opportunity to work with the creative sector to produce useful knowledge and practical solutions.

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Gretchen Larsen

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Gretchen’s expertise is in consumer research, at the intersection of consumption, markets and the arts. In particular she is interested in how people’s engagement with the arts shapes – and is shaped by – markets, including marketplace technologies.

Intersections, joins, and fusion between people, practices and concepts are where some of the most creative and innovative ideas and practices emerge.

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Nick Spencer

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When we suspend traditional boundaries of discipline or company or community and the agendas they serve, how might we work together and what could we do?

How can we apply a design-led approach to explore purposeful responses to complex challenges with networks of agencies and communities and what thinking emerges?

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Cathrine Degnen

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Interdisciplinarity and innovation are powerful sociocultural concepts.

As an ethnographer I am keen to understand better how people in their everyday lives mobilize and make sense of these concepts and with what outcomes.

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Audrey Verma

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I am an interdisciplinary social scientist fascinated by how new technologies alter the sociocultural landscape, mediating the ways in which we understand the world around us and shaping how we interact with others.

On Creative Fuse North East, I work alongside Co-Investigator Dr Cathrine Degnen to conduct an ethnographic study aimed at better understanding the collaborative knowledge production processes within Creative Fuse.

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