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CFNE Survey Launched

The most comprehensive study of the region’s creative and tech economy was launched today – The Creative Fuse North East Survey targeting the North East’s Creative, Digital & IT sectors began in November 2016.

The plan is to target businesses across the region, including companies as far North as the Scottish borders and and as South as North Yorkshire. As well as SMEs, the survey is also aimed at reaching and engaging with the North East’s wealth of freelance talent which is recognised as a key strength of the region.

The survey has been developed by a leading research team made up of academics from Newcastle University Business School and Durham University, takes between 20-30 minutes to complete and is designed to be the most comprehensive and valuable research study into the CDIT sector ever undertaken. The data from the study will be used by the research team to explore a range of important factors impacting on the regional CDIT economy and identifying opportunities for the five Universities to help grow and develop the sector.

With the five Universities producing over 50,000 ICT graduates each year, the North East has one of the largest cluster of graduates with specialist IT skills and this talent base could in be used by the region’s businesses to make them more innovative, digitally savvy and globally competitive. Despite this significant resource many of the region’s CDIT businesses, complain of major problems attracting talent. This is just one of the complex and challenging subjects explored within the survey.

As well as the online research survey, the team will be undertaking in-depth interviews with business leaders, start-ups, support organisations and a number of freelancers across the North East.

The study runs from November until early January with campaigns running to raise awareness of the survey and research activities. After this phase, Creative Fuse will be co-designing innovation activity with businesses, freelancers and creative practitioners, aimed at tackling any challenges that the survey results highlight.