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Innovation Pilot Projects

Creative Fuse North East awarded Innovation Pilot grants of up to £5,000 and £25,000 to SMEs, freelancers and creative or cultural organisations from across the Creative, Digital and IT (CDIT) sector to team up with university researchers and propose groundbreaking projects.

31 projects were funded in total;  21 from October’s Open Call joining an existing 10 from an earlier partner call. Have a browse of our project summaries which are  clustered by theme – we are currently in the process of updating our Innovation Pilots as more detailed case studies:

Theme: Building Social Change

These projects all centre around social challenges, bringing together creative, cultural, and digital skills within communities. From democratic digital participation in theatre-making, to community-led regeneration and social inclusion – the projects in this category have people at their heart.

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Theme: CDIT, Health & Wellbeing

In what ways can creativity and technology benefit our health and wellbeing? How can we better support people to safely navigate and thrive within an increasingly digital world?  From cybercrime awareness to digital reminiscence and art therapy tools for dementia; from entrepreneurial resilience to interactive storytelling in the NHS and singing for stress relief – the Innovation Pilot projects in this category will explore some exciting new solutions.

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Theme: Digital Heritage

Archives, historical sites, galleries and museum collections are often associated with a pre-digital sense of timelessness: ink on paper, ancient artefacts, leather-bound volumes and marble sculptures. These Innovation Pilots examine ways that digital technologies can enhance the work of heritage organisations: bringing history to life, attracting new audiences, inspiring creative practice, and preserving heritage for future generations.

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Theme: Digital (R)evolution

Innovation through blending the creative and digital is what Creative Fuse is all about. Most of our Innovation Pilots will contain some digital elements, but the projects in this category are dedicated to digital transformation. Expect digital solutions within the region’s cultural organisations, freelancer communities, and the construction and legal sectors.

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Theme: Future Cities

 Forget the flying cars of science-fiction futures and take a moment to think about how our cities might look and function in years to come. How can we make our public spaces accessible and desirable to communities? Is there a beautiful solution to energy management in existing buildings? The Innovation Pilot projects in this category will explore these areas.

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Theme: Immersive Innovation

 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are breaking out of the gaming industry and have exciting applications in other areas. From education to housing, and from visual impairment to dance theatre and fashion, the projects in this category each explore the use of immersive tech within unexpected and inspiring scenarios.

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Theme: Smart Data Innovation

In almost everything we do, we generate data. Data can be incredibly useful and commercially valuable, but there is more to its application than the products that seem to be following you around the internet. The projects within this theme seek to generate, analyse and apply data in a way that is accessible, insightful and actionable. Encompassing areas as diverse as drones and agriculture; wearables and running shoe retail; Artificial Intelligence and Language Processing; and city wayfinding and the sensory experiences of people with Autistic Spectrum Condition, these Innovation Pilots will getting smart with big data.

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