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Innovation Pilot Theme: Future Cities

Forget the flying cars of science-fiction futures and take a moment to think about how our cities might look and function in years to come. How can we make our public spaces accessible and desirable to communities? Is there a beautiful solution to energy management in existing buildings? The Innovation Pilot projects in this category will explore these areas.

Green Spaces

The team from Layers Studio, Environmental Science Consultant Paul White, and Newcastle and Northumbria Universities are developing an app that centralises and presents users with information about their local green spaces, helping them to find locations suitable for their desired use, whilst gathering important data on the use of green spaces for helping to improve environmental, social and economic health. The app would provide search categories such as accessibility, suitability for sports, tranquillity, biodiversity, pet friendliness, and of course, location.

The Green Spaces app has the potential to help improve the quality and sustainability of green spaces by providing user data for sites to land managers, planners, policy makers and other relevant organisations, allowing them to understand the most desired site needs alongside user trends.

Full Blown Metal

Who was involved?

Full Blown Studios, Newcastle University, Northumbria University.

What did they do?

This pilot allowed Full Blown Studios to explore the potential of their approach to energy saving cladding systems for buildings through thorough market research and developing and testing the concept. The academic input was crucial to understanding the thermodynamic potential of the product and together an expandable spiral heat transfer module inserted in between flat sheets of metal was developed. This could be a revolutionary technique, providing affordable, energy efficient and design forward cladding for buildings.

What next?

This innovation pilot has taken an idea beyond proof concept and Full Blown are now signed up to a ‘scale up programme’ managed by RTC to secure funding and assistance in developing products for production and scaling up for manufacturing. Further collaborators have joined the original group and are scoping a possible application for a European Commission Research Grant.


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