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Innovation Pilot Theme: CDIT, Health & Wellbeing

In what ways can creativity and technology benefit our health and wellbeing? How can we better support people to safely navigate and thrive within an increasingly digital world?  From cybercrime awareness to digital reminiscence and art therapy tools for dementia; from entrepreneurial resilience to interactive storytelling in the NHS and singing for stress relief – the Innovation Pilot projects in this category will explore some exciting new solutions.

Cybercrime: Public Awareness & Behaviour

This project responds to cybercrime challenges identified in collaboration with Northumbria Police: Raising public awareness about cyber security, and improving public understanding of digital policing practices and processes. To explore these challenges, Northumbria University’s Multidisciplinary Innovation students developed a series of provocations, stimulus material, methods and tools to run a ‘Solution Hack’ with technology SMEs and freelancers.

This solution hack took place in October 2017. Subsequent to this event, Creative Fuse academics and researchers are working with Northumbria Police in order to propose new Cyber Wellbeing solutions and will be seeking CDIT fusion to develop and exploit these.


This project aims to develop a novel digital arts-therapy product. Initially focusing on dementia sufferers and paediatric patients, this project will draw on the expertise of health care professionals and rehabilitation experts to develop a minimal viable product for the iCoda-Health app – a sound-responsive image application. This tool could be used in clinical and home settings to encourage expression and interaction, with the potential to calm children’s fears before surgery or stimulate memories for those living with dementia.

Interactive Storytelling for Patient Education (Bariatric Surgery)

A team from Teesside University, SockMonkey Studios and University of Sunderland are developing a prototype Interactive System Platform for patient education that can be easily adapted for different uses. The project will produce a mobile app featuring engaging visuals and gamification to help communicate information easily, in a way that can be personalised and encourages user interaction.

This pilot will use Bariatric Surgery (also called weight loss surgery) as a test case with the potential to go forward as a proof of concept for other clinical settings (e.g. cancer treatments). This project responds to the demands for effective methods of communicating complex health information and ensuring patient understanding of life-changing treatment options, while also trialing a means of producing AI techniques for content-personalisation and 3D game engines designed to be reconfigurable for different domains – an innovation that could reduce the economic burden of developing these kind of tools.

Noise Reduction Choir

Noizechoir are an experimental choir that perform without musical notation or words. They apply methods of improvisation, voice-games and graphic scores to create an inclusive environment ‘where no sound is wrong.’ Working with researchers from Northumbria, Newcastle and Sunderland Universities, and IT company Pro Software UK, the project will bring these techniques to staff from the NHS and the North East emergency services.

The aim of the project is to test the effects of inclusive, improvisational singing on stress reduction and enhancement of wellbeing. While research has been done previously on the wellbeing benefits of joining a choir, the non-choral elements of Noizechoir’s approach will bring an interesting slant to the research – allowing us to hone in on the essential elements of performing with a choir for wellbeing.

Resilience & Authentic Leadership for Entrepreneurs

This project aims to create a scalable framework of support for entrepreneurs and innovators, alleviating stress and facilitating greater productivity. The programme team will design and deliver a programme consisting of mentoring, an online community platform showcasing pathways to emotional resilience and wellbeing, and an entrepreneurial clinic. While initiatives promoting mental fitness exist in established organisations, there is limited provision for entrepreneurs. This project would combine research with practical support, aiming to develop a model for larger scale future interventions.


Youseum aims to capture people’s reminiscences around treasured objects in an interesting and accessible way. The app enables people to record and attach words, video, images and web-links to online representations of their objects and share them with others. The app was designed as a commercial service, to enable in-app purchases or subscription via the App store. The project will develop a prototype further through research, iterative design and user testing within Health and Education contexts.

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