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Who are we?

The research team is made up of Cathrine, a social anthropologist & Audrey, an interdisciplinary social scientist. Audrey is the lead ethnographer and Cathrine is the co-principal investigator on the Creative Fuse North East project supervising this study.

What is Fuse Ethnography?

Fuse Ethnography aims to better understand the processes of interdisciplinarity within the Creative Fuse North East Project. We want to find out how the different sectors and disciplines involved speak to each other and work together to produce ideas, plans and designs. We will do so through an ethnographic study, where we will be observing and participating in project events in order to trace its practices, networks and narratives. We will also be conducting interviews to hear the perspectives, experiences and ideas of stakeholders and participants.

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What does your participation entail?

Participation involves pre-arranged one-on-one interviews with Cathrine or Audrey and/or taking part in observations carried out by The Team during Creative Fuse North East events and programmes.

What will the interviews entail?

The interviews are aimed at collecting the perspectives, experiences and ideas of stakeholders in Creative Fuse North East’s activities. Interview times and locations will be arranged beforehand. Since the interviews will be conversational, interview questions will not be pre-set, although there will be some key concepts that we would be looking to explore with you. If you agree to take part in an interview, you will be asked to sign a consent form to confirm your willingness to participate.

What will the observations involve?

Observations will take place at the various events and activities related to Creative Fuse North East (e.g., C.A.K.E – Collaboration And Knowledge Exchange sessions, 10X10 programmes and Innovation initiatives). The observations will involve various degrees of participation from us, i.e., we may just be observing the activity to document how participants are interacting and what sort of ideas emerge from these exchanges. We may also participate in some activities, for instance during meetings. In the case of all observations, we will seek permission to be present and will not hide our reasons for attending. If we chat with you as part of our observations, we will ensure that you are aware the conversation is occurring as part of data collection for this research.

Are there any benefits or risks involved?

We hope that this research will give interested stakeholders in academia, industry, policy and public life a deeper understanding of the practices and challenge involved in interdisciplinary collaborations. There are no anticipated risks associated with taking part in this research. Any potentially sensitive details shared will be omitted from any reports, publications or material shared beyond the immediate research team.

Further information and queries

If you would like any further information or to ask questions about this research, please contact Audrey on or 0191 208 7496.